Have fun playing interactive games while learning to read Spanish!

Alphabet Game

The alphabet parade has 31 animals that show all the sounds of the Spanish language. Vowels have signs and consonants have balloons.

Radio Video

Click on the radio to hear a 'chant' that has the name of the letter, the sound of the letter and the animal. Enjoy all 31 animal names! Which one is your favorite?

Book Reading

Book 6 has the butterfly story to show the life cycle of the butterfly. Nonfiction is the type of story. There are 3 new nonfiction stories in book 6. Happy reading!

Ferris Wheel Game

The Ferris Wheel game is fun to match the rhyming words with the word in the ticket booth.

Custom Content

Book 5 has the description of the Xuquex. He is a fantasy animal, a stuffed animal pet. How many different animals parts does he have?

Balloon Game

The balloons in the classroom lead to the balloon pop game. Click on the small Ángel in the corner and clues pop up to help you remember which letter goes with each animal. Which balloons have the letters that make the Y sound? There are two in the picture.

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