Last Updated: 08/15/2021

Kishmorr Productions, LLC is the educational software company that designed Lee con Ángel. This company and its contractors, employees, owners will not use, share, post, or store personal information about any child, individual or private party. Lee con Ángel is a Spanish reading program designed to offer children an engaging way to practice literacy skills. Any tracking of user progress, names, or any information that connects users to the program is done for educational purposes and with permission of the users’ account administrator. The intent of tracking progress is to provide feedback to teachers or parents about the progress of your child(ren) while using Lee con Ángel. Since this is an educational program designed by certified teachers, that same professional standard expected in the Public-School setting is upheld in this organization. Should a teacher use Lee con Ángel tests on ESGI Software, that data becomes the property of the teacher. Kishmorr Productions, LLC might evaluate the progress of students as a group; but will not divulge any private information including name, age, location, teacher name or name of school. Should you have any concerns or questions regarding your privacy, please email us at: Kishmorr Productions, LLC strives to be COPPA Compliant and is willing to sign any SOPPA agreement necessary to ensure the safety and privacy of all users.